Resident Aid 3rd Shift

Requirements: Satisfactory Medical Exam, TB Screening, Maintain Clean Criminal Records, Maintain Clean MVR

Skills: Effective oral and written communication; self-starter; excellent interpersonal skills; ability to remain calm and think clearly during stressful situations; effective at conflict resolution.

General Responsibilities: Assist residents with regular evening and morning activities; proper record-keeping; represent Hickory Log professionally both on and off the clock; adhere to Hickory Log’s employee policies and procedures; being familiar with and able to apply all the Hickory Log’s accident, fire, safety, and emergency procedures; complete nightly checklist of responsibilities; and participating in continuing education opportunities.

In addition to the general responsibilities listed above, Resident Aids are responsible for completing any extra task given to them by the Shift Supervisor and/or the Executive Director.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Properly utilize communication log to receive and relay pertinent information
  • Making nightly rounds to check on the residents every hour
  • Do the laundry according to the schedule
  • Record the temperatures of the freezers and thaw any meat needed for the next day’s menu
  • Prepare and serve breakfast for approximately 20 residents
  • Sweep and mop the facility according to the daily checklist
  • Spray down and clean all the showers after breakfast
  • Maintaining a clean, up-to-date refrigerator and pantry
  • Cleaning tables and chairs in the dining room on certain days
  • Administer and properly record 7:00 AM medications
  • Team effort should occur between 1st shift coming on and 3rd shift readying to finish to ensure that residents’ hygiene and grooming is satisfactory along with checking morning chores to make sure they have been completed
  • Follow the daily checklist for additional tasks
  • Complete all documentation before ending your shift
Max. file size: 50 MB.