To love all people with a heart of compassion, service, and grace.


To provide a safe place to call home for men with special needs including intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries where they can hone their relational, vocational, and financial skills in a manner that champions independence within the personal care home model.


To be a source of hope and security for people living with special needs and their families. We see a community of special needs men and women thriving beyond their natural capabilities in all areas of life, and specifically in the areas of education, relationships, vocation, and finances.

We envision a multicampus, multifaceted nonprofit organization that provides all services needed for special needs persons throughout every season of their adult life.

Hickory Log foresees a time that we continuously set the standard for nonprofit organizations in the areas of education for the special needs community, compassion toward everyone within our sphere of influence, dependability in all organizational faculties, stewardship of internal and external finances, and advocacy for those with special needs.


Equality: All people hold intrinsic worth and every person is treated with respect.
Inclusivity: The potential for greater success increases when our endeavor includes a wide breadth of influences.
Integrity: Honesty and Dependability guide the path of every endeavor, no matter the time duration or financial impact.
Servitude: Within the Hickory Log nucleus, residents and their families are equal recipients of our services; within the Bartow County community, Hickory Log contributes vocationally, financially, and recreationally.
Advocacy: Those afforded with more influence should stand in the gap for those with less influence so Hickory Log advocates for our residents.
Respect: Mutual respect is empowering, and Hickory Log staff models respect with our residents, their families, and each other.
Stewardship: Hickory Log responsibly maintains all resources that are entrusted to us including facilities, time, relationships, and finances.