Incorporated on May 21, 1970, Hickory Log Vocational School, Inc. began as the vision of Sarah and Al Munn to provide a permanent home for young men with special needs where they would be loved, be safe, and receive vocational opportunities. Their son Rey, who had Down Syndrome, was the inspiration of their philanthropic endeavor. The Munn’s efforts were focused on young men from the ages of sixteen to thirty who were living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Hickory Log was originally established on twenty-eight acres located in the eastern portion of Bartow County Georgia in the rural city of White. For generations prior, the plot of land served as a pauper farm. Pauper farms were popular in rural counties. They were designated land to provide a place where people in need could reside to grow crops and establish economic footing. In the fifty years of Hickory Log’s existence, we have remained on the same land.

Originally, Hickory Log was a four-year program that trained the young men vocational skills so they could transition from dependence to relative independence within society. Over the years, Hickory Log transitioned into the personal care home that it is today. Hickory Log is the permanent home for up to twenty-four men. We still serve the special needs community and still focus on vocational skills as well as relational and financial skills.

In 1999, Hickory Log was awarded a Community Development Block Grant and construction on our current building was completed in December 2002. Our brick building provides a safe, permanent residence for our men with ample community space, fourteen bedrooms, and a spacious kitchen attached to a large dining room.

Hickory Log is proud to continue in the rich humanitarian heritage of the land on which we reside. Aided by the immense support of our community and corporate partners, the resolute investment of our Board of Directors, and the passionate care of our staff and volunteers, Hickory Log fosters a loving, supporting, and empowering environment where each of our residents can thrive.