Food & Beverage Needs
Bottled water
Canned fruits
Canned vegetables
Apple juice
Orange juice
Snacks for lunch boxes

Household Needs
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Ziploc sandwich bags
Ziploc freezer bags
Garbage bags (39 gallon and 13 gallon)
Large plastic storage bins
Laundry detergent (Scented and Unscented)
Dryer Sheets

Disposable gloves (Medium and X-Large)
Hand Soap
Lysol spray
Windex Cleaner
Double A batteries
Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash (3 in 1)

Hickory Log “Wish List”
Outdoor benches
Outdoor swings
Outdoor table and chairs
Steps or ramp leading up to the ball field
Windows for the metal storage building
Construction of a fire-pit
Sponsor to pay fees for Special Olympics
• New recliner chairs
Dinning Room Tables and Chairs
New Cabinetry
Entertainment Center

If you would like to donate items to Hickory Log, for easy picking, go to our Amazon Wish list: Click Here or you can mail them to P.O. Box 300, White, GA 30184 or drop them off at 3680 HWY 411, White, GA 30184. We appreciate your generosity!