Hickory Log recently introduced our Active Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to provide our residents with an opportunity to be healthier through a more active lifestyle and also increase community awareness and relations by encouraging the community to enjoy the amenities. As Hickory Log advances into our next fifty years, we are strengthening the services that we offer our residents by utilizing the plentiful acreage that we are blessed with. We are focusing on providing our residents more options to stay active and thus, healthier. The plan includes the installation of an onsite walking path, outdoor movie screen, fitness room, basketball court, and softball field. Look for future opportunities to partner with us to put this initiative into motion.

Phase 1:
The Softball Field

Fence: Material/install (donated)
Concession/restroom building
Infield: Material/install (donated)
Path to Field
Score board
Bench for dugout

Phase 2:
The Walking Path

Mark/Inspect Ground for Path
Grade Path
Clear area around path
Build Bridges (x3)
Barn restoration or removal
Remove blueberries
Asphalt the path

Phase 3:
The Gym

Exterior Pressure Wash
Update HV/AC (donated)
Electrical: Material/Install
Insulation: Material/install
Interior wall covering: Material/Install
Bathroom: Material/Install
Soft Flooring: Material/Install
Exterior Paint
Gym Equipment: Purchase/Install (HL has $ to purchase/seller will deliver)
3/4 Deck: Material/Install
Remove Dirt in Center of Turnaround

Phase 4:
Outdoor Entertainment

Stage: Material/Install
Picnic Tables: Material/Install (x8)
Pergola: Material/Install
Courtyard: Design Water Drainage/Material/Install
Adirondack Chairs for Courtyard: Purchase
Second Vegetable Garden: Material/Install